What disney character do you think you are most like?

If all of you don’t answer this I will hunt you down.

December 26th 16
  1. dracomlafoy answered: can i please say mulan even though she’s not disney
  2. generalslabyrinth answered: A mix between Yzma and Kuzco and Kronk not even kidding
  3. defileddiadem said: I JUST DON’T KNOW?????
  4. ianoshea answered: i don’t watch disney so you’ll have to ask someone else who I am like.
  5. oddways said: Jk but seriously I have no clue but my cousins think that I’m exactly like Flynn Rider.
  6. oddways answered: Princess Leia.
  7. geekforever15 answered: Probibly Wall-E, because i love adventures and i’m extreemly curious!
  8. lordvoidemort answered: jasmine
  9. claroswinoswald answered: Megara
  10. theweasleyswheezes answered: Belle
  11. aryastrk answered: obviously ariel
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